F.A.S.Track is real-time tracking that saves you time, money and worry.

What is PLDT F.A.S.Track (Online)?

PLDT Field Asset System for Tracking (F.A.S.Track) is a simple and easy-to-use web-based asset monitoring system equipped with continuous per-minute location reports.
What are the components of the service?

- GPS Tracking Device - to be installed in a vehicle, or carried by personnel.
- Connectivity - Nationwidest wireless connectivity by SMART
- Web Account - view all of your moving assets by logging in at
How does it work?

PLDT F.A.S.Track GPS Tracker receives its location from GPS satellites and is sent to hosted servers via SMART cellular network. Authorized users can then view vehicle location through the Internet via web browser.
What are the variants?

The F.A.S.Track Standard Tracker is a basic tracking device, which is compact and easy to use. Applicable for vehicles, or can be hand-held by personnel
The F.A.S.Track Covert Tracker is a very small, light-weight, quality tracking device specially designed for mobile personnel, or packages.
The F.A.S.Track Motorcycle Tracker has a sleek design, and is ideal for motorcycles. It is water-proof and can be outfitted with an engine immobilizer.
The F.A.S.Track Heavy Duty Tracker is designed for heavy machinery equipment, construction machines and vehicles. It is water-proof and can be outfitted with an engine immobilizer, SOS panic button, fuel sensor, door sensor, and temperature sensor.